The 2016-17 Season at
The Theatre Institute at Sage
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Yours, by Leigh Strimbeck


October 6-16, 2016

By Leigh Strimbeck
Directed by David Baecker

A Centennial celebration … a hundred years of history … performed with flair. Through Founders’ letters, student poems and editorials from The Quill, you’ll hear the heartbeat of Russell Sage College. Come see what has changed and what has stayed the same in this Centennial “herstory.”

Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Thurs. Oct. 6, 7:30 pm
Fri. Oct. 7, 10 am, 7:30 pm
Sat. Oct. 8, 7:30 pm
Sun. Oct. 9, 2 pm
Thurs. Oct. 13, 10 am, 7:30 pm
Fri. Oct. 14, 7:30 pm
Sat. Oct. 15, 7:30 pm
Sun. Oct. 16, 2 pm  (Sign Language Interpreted

Alice in Wonderland poster

Alice in Wonderland

November 30-December 15, 2016

By Lewis Carroll
Directed by Michael Musial

Lewis Carroll’s unflappable young heroine takes a tumble down an enchanted rabbit hole to an off-kilter world of mock turtles, dancing flora, punctual rabbits, and mad tea parties. Whimsy and wordplay are the order of the day in this imaginative musical adaptation of a family favorite!

Recommended for all ages!

Wed. Nov. 30, 10 am
Thurs. Dec. 1, 10 am
Fri. Dec. 2, 10 am, 7:30 pm
Sat. Dec. 3, 7:30 pm
Sun. Dec. 4, 3 pm
Tues. Dec. 6, 10 am
Wed. Dec. 7, 10 am
Thurs. Dec. 8, 10 am
Fri. Dec. 9, 10 am (10am Sold Out), 7:30 pm
Sat. Dec. 10, 7:30 pm
Sun. Dec. 11, 2 pm (Sign Language Interpreted)
Tues. Dec. 13, 10:30 am
Wed. Dec. 14, 10 am
Thurs. Dec. 15, 10 am

I Never Saw Another Butterfly PosterI Never Saw Another Butterfly

February 24-March 5, 2017

By Celese Raspant

More than 12,000 children passed through the Terezin Concentration Camp between the years 1942-1944 and only about a hundred were still alive when Terezin was liberated. Raja lived through it all, teaching the children when there was nothing to teach with, helping to give them hope when there was little reason for hope. This play is her story, showing the best and the worst of which the human heart is capable.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Fri. Feb. 24, 7:30 pm
Sat. Feb. 25, 7:30 pm
Sun. Feb. 26, 2 pm
Tues. Feb. 28, 10 am
Wed. March 1, 10 am
Thurs. March 2, 10 am
Fri. March 3, 10 am, 7:30 pm
Sat. March 4, 7:30 pm
Sun. March 5, 2 pm (Sign Language Interpreted)

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Radiance: The Passion of Marie Curie

April 5-15, 2017

By Alan Alda
Directed by David Bunce

With backbreaking work in a ramshackle lab in Paris, Marie Curie and her husband Pierre achieve a revolutionary understanding of radiation and share a Nobel Prize in physics. After her beloved Pierre dies in an accident, Marie is plunged into depression, but physicist Paul Langevin gives her the strength to return to her work and she receives a second Nobel Prize, this time for chemistry.  A stirring look at the challenges and passions of a scientific pioneer.

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Wed. April 5, 10 am
Thurs. April 6, 10 am
Fri. April 7, 10 am, 7:30 pm
Sat. April 8, 7:30 pm
Sun. April 9, 2 pm (We apologize, this performance will not be Sign Language Interpreted)
Wed. April 12, 10 am
Thurs. April 13, 10 am
Fri. April 14, 10 am
Sat. April 15, 7:30 pm

Freckleface Strawberry

May 31-June 11, 2017

Based on the Books by Julianne Moore

A musical based on the beloved New York Times bestselling book by Oscar winning actress Julianne Moore. With fun music, awesome dancing… and a freckle face full of laughs, your whole family will love this brand new musical for all ages . . . freckles or not!

Recommended for all ages!

Wed. May 31, 10 am
Thurs. June 1, 10 am
Fri. June 2, 10 am
Sat. June 3, 2 pm
Sun. June 4, 2 pm
Tues. June 6, 10:30 am
Wed. June 7, 10 am
Thurs. June 8, 10 am
Fri. June 9, 10 am, 7:30 pm
Sat. June 10, 2 pm
Sun. June 11, 2 pm (Sign Language Interpreted)